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If you’re looking for a Broward County landscaping company that can provide quality services at an affordable price, look no further than Paradise Look. We take pleasure in the work we perform, and our company was founded on a love of creating lovely outdoor areas. We are committed to providing excellent service to our clients, and we guarantee their contentment with our efforts.

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A well-designed and properly installed landscape design can increase your property value by as much as 17%. The professionals at Paradise Look will help you create a landscape design that will make your Broward area property stand out among the rest and achieve that increase in value.


Landscaping is a complex task that requires experience and knowledge in a variety of areas, such as gardening, irrigation, architecture, and more. It’s important to hire a professional landscaping company to ensure that your yard or garden is looked after properly and that the installation process is done correctly.

When your lawn is first installed, you should wait two weeks before mowing. This will give the new grass enough time to grow and establish itself. Be sure to use a sharp blade when mowing and only cut the grass 1/3 of the length at a time.

Most shrubs and hedges should be trimmed twice a year, once in the spring and again in late summer or early fall. This helps to encourage new growth and keeps them looking neat and tidy.